Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year and Celebrating 20 Years Of Bullshit

After the crazy release schedule of 2013, I had it in my head that I was going to take it easy in 2014.  You know work on a few projects, not too many, and enjoy some "me" time.  Well, I quickly learned that I can't take it easy and am only happy when I am working on the label so I ended up having a pretty hectic year chalked full of amazing releases by the likes of Gog, Blood Bright Star, Gatecreeper, Lusitania, Suffering Luna with The Astronaut King, Suffer The Storm, and Son Of Man.  Can't complain about that!

2015 is looking to be another stellar year for KOTM as we march forward and plan to release the following:

* UNRUH "Tomb" discography 3xLP (collects the full lengths, the singles, splits, demos, and more)
* ENEWETAK "Onward To Valhalla" LP (first time on vinyl)
* GROUNDWORK "Today We Will No Longer Be Invisible Nor Silent LP (remixed/remastered reissue)
* UZALA new LP
* UZALA reissue of first ("s/t") album

Plus I am sure other projects will come up.

Not only am I really excited to have the opportunity to release so many amazing records in the coming year, but 2015 also marks the 20 year anniversary of King Of The Monsters.  When the label started back in 1995 I just wanted to release records by friends bands that I liked and thought more people should hear/be exposed to.  That philosophy still holds true today and I want to take this moment to say "thank you" to all the KOTM bands past and present, all the friends I have made because of the label, all the people who have ordered records from me and supported me for all these years...without all of you this wouldn't be nearly as fun and enjoyable.

We also have a few things planned to help celebrate the 20 year milestone including a one-time reunion of UNRUH that will be taking place Saturday February 21st in Arizona.  If all goes as planned this will also serve as the release show for the "Tomb" discography.  HERE is a link to the event on Facebook with more info.  If you can, you should come out to AZ and rage!

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  We've got another event planned in mid-April.  More info on that in the coming weeks. And possibly even a another event that will take place later in the year.  Stay tuned.   

Again, thank you all for the support throughout the years!  I really couldn't have done it without you all.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Numbered Days - UNRUH reunion and discography

And we thought it would never happen but it is.  With the upcoming discography set to come out early next year, UNRUH will be doing a one-time reunion show to celebrate its release.  Do not miss your chance to see them live if you can.  Their live shows were some of the most chaotic and brutal we have ever witnessed.  As for the discography, we will have more details soon but it will be a triple LP box set and will called "Tomb".  Prepare yourselves.