Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Future Tense

Lazy days of summer are upon us but we here at KOTM are keeping busy and would like to announce three (!) upcoming releases that should be out July/August.

"Nightmarish, noise-inflicted doom from IL", with previous cassette only releases on Ivory Antler, Triangulum Ignis and A Terre Records, KOTM is proud to release their vinyl debut! This two song 7" features the track "No Honour" on one side and a reimagining of it by Iron Forest on the flipside.

Idaho (and Oregon) vs. Texas. Each band offer up one new track that is sure to crush you. This should tide you over until the Uzala 10" is completed later this year. Doom and gloom.

SERVILE SECT "Svrrender" 12"
Vinyl release of the cassette released on Handmade Birds earlier this year. Some of Servile Sect's most accomplished and oppressive sounds to date.

Ordering details for each release will be made available once we have a more defiante release date.