Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Hate Everything - ELDERS Update

Received the vinyl this week and they look amazing. Cover art being finished up this weekend and screened next week. The band will have copies on their upcoming West Coast Tour with AVON LADIES at the end of the month (dates below). You do not want to snooze on this one. Total rager from start to finish.

12/29/2010 Renes Palace - Los Angeles w/ Elders, Mata Mata, Broken Patterns, Goner, more
12/30/2010 TBA - San Luis Obispo w/ Elders, more tba
12/31/2010 TBA - Oakland w/ Elders, more tba
1/1/2011 HEMLOCK - San Francisco w/ Elders, Dry Rot, Ecoli
1/2/2011 TBA - Orange County w/ Elders, more tba

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Solstice

Some new stuff out before the end of the year (?)...

OSS demo 7"
Finally letting the cat of the bag on this project but can't any longer! The OSS were a short lived band featuring former MK Ultra vocalist Frank Hanney who released a limited three song demo tape that disappeared immediately. This record will contain all three songs from the highly sought after demo housed in a die-cut sleeve.

ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7"
Just received the covers yesterday for this one and they look stunning! Full color foldover sleeves from our pals at Imprint. Vinyl should arrive before they hit the road this December with Andrew Jackson Jihad (Asian Man Records). If you live on the West Coast don't miss these shows...

DECEMBER 8th - San Francisco, CA (Bottom Of The Hill)
DECEMBER 9th - Portland, OR (The Artistery)
DECEMBER 10th - Seattle, WA (El Corazon)
DECEMBER 11th - Portland, OR (The Artistery)
DECEMBER 12th - Berkeley, CA (Gilman Street)
DECEMBER 13th - San Diego, CA (Che Cafe) *early show
DECEMBER 13th - San Diego, CA (Casbah) *late show
DECEMBER 14th - West Hollywood, CA (Troubador)

Holy hardcore batman! Test presses of this beast sound awesome and were just approved today. Trying to get this out before their West Coast tour in late December (dates in previous post). Fingers crossed!

Info on pre-orders / limited versions will be posted soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In A Blind Rage

Off to the presses this week is the debut album by Phoenix's ELDERS entitled "Blind Rage". I couldn't be more excited and happy with the recording and the way things are coming together for this project. Shooting for a mid-December release date to coincide with their West Coast tour with AVON LADIES. Tour dates are as follows...

12/29/2010 TBA - Orange County
12/30/2010 TBA - San Luis Obispo
12/31/2010 TBA - Oakland
1/1/2011 HEMLOCK - San Francisco
1/2/2011 TBA - Los Angeles

If you live in any of those cities do not miss out! Oh and watch out for flying chairs.

In the meantime you can download three songs from the upcoming ELDERS full length and one unreleased cover song HERE.

Friday, October 15, 2010

ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7" at the presses

After some recording delays, we are happy to announce that the ROYAL MONSTERS record is at the pressing plant as this is being typed. Limited to 300 copies we hope to have this in hand and ready for sale before their west coast tour this December. More details to follow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

ALTARS / HALLA pre-orders

We will begin taking pre-orders for the ALTARS / HALLA split 7" on Tuesday September 28th at 10am MST. First 100 copies are on white vinyl with alternate sleeve. More details to follow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trample This Earth - GEHENNA pre-orders have shipped!

The purple edition (limited to 110 copies) of "Upon The Gravehill" have all been shipped to those lucky enough to order a copy before they sold out. We still have blue vinyl copies (limited to 550) available in the webstore so order quick as they wont last long either.

The vinyl for the ALTARS / HALLA split should be here next week. There was a little hold up on the artwork but that has all been sorted out and we are hoping to receive the covers in about three weeks. Once we get a definite ETA on them we will put up the pre-order info for that.

We will also be mailing off a "super secret" release next week. More info to come on that.

As always, thanks for the support.

Spread the word.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spiraling Into My Demise

They're here!
All the components are here (vinyl/covers/inserts) to the GEHENNA 'Upon The Gravehill' repress!!! Now I begin the daunting task of assembling them and getting them ready to ship out to you fine people. Pre-orders begin Monday August 16th at 10am Mountain Time and the first 100 copies are on limited purple (with a reddish splatter if you hold them up to the light) vinyl. Once those are gone the remaining 550 copies are on blue vinyl this time (all of the first pressing was on black so we decided to switch it up). Visit our webstore HERE to order. Spread the word!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rege Satanas

The test presses for the Altars / Halla split 7" have been approved! Cover artwork is being finished up now and expect pre-orders to start in the next few weeks!!! First 100 copies will receive limited colored vinyl. More info to come.

In the meantime, check out our webstore by clicking HERE.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Open For Business

We finally got around to it and opened up an online store! Click HERE to check it out! We are on the verge of some new releases and are cleaning out some old stock (some of it we didn't realize we had still) so buy up.
We are also on your favorite social networking site too! Befriend us on Facebook by clicking HERE.
Help spread the word!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ave Satanas! - ALTARS / HALLA split

A long time friend dropped me a line out of blue a few weeks back, asking me about the label. I explained to him my recent decision to restart the label after a few years hiatus and he in turn asked if I had heard of his latest project, ALTARS. My eyes immediately widened as the only thing I had been able to obtain by them prior was a one-sided 7" released on Down in The Ground Records entitled "Ewig Verloren". I had no idea that someone I knew was responsible for the cacophonous and violent musical outbursts committed to that release. He went on to explain that they just recorded for a split single with a band from Iran (!!!) called HALLA (Allah spelled backwards) and we immediately forged a plan to release this project onto the world. If you are unfamiliar with either band and enjoy raw noisy black metal than I strongly suggest you check out the links above. As for this project, it will be limited to 350 copies and is underway now to hopefully be available sometime in July / early August for consumption.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Termbo praise for EARTHMEN & STRANGERS!

The reviews are in! Everyone including the fine folks over at Terminal Boredom are singing the praises of Perfectly Round Records latest release for EARTHMEN & STRANGERS. See for yourself...

Earthmen & Strangers "Painter" 7"
Jay Reatard and Ryan Wong always tended to head in the same directions, whether it was actually playing vicious punk together in the Reatards or going synth-punk before it was hip with Lost Sounds/Destruction Unit or coming around to punk with pop hooks via Jay's solo career and Ryan's current outfit Earthmen & Strangers. I don't think one was following the other in any way, I just think they had/have similar visions and interests which took them to the same conclusions. I honestly feel the E&S LP did a better job at the 'Blood Visions' sound than Jay did himself, for what it's worth. This new single (originally meant to be released on Jay's revitialized Shattered Records) takes things a step forward from there, much as Jay's final records did. "Painter" shows more complex songsmithery and detailed guitar pop with a fragile agressiveness, taking some influence from favorite Kiwi-pop sources. B-Side is "Space on Our Hands" which continues the same themes, upbeat guitar pop showing some delicate tension and played with plenty of finesse. Not a rocker by any means, but a beautifully constructed pop song with guts. Well done Mr. Rousseau. While I don't want to insinuate anyone will ever replace Jay Reatard, I think a lot of his ideas and soul carry on via Ryan, one of his longstanding bandmates and friends who he shared very similar ideas with for what they wanted to do with rock music. Ryan's had a long and illustrious career on his own anyway, which should be reason enough to pay attention. Scum stats: 500 pressed on purple vinyl, 6 test presses with alternate color sleeves. Comes in one of those resealable mylar bags Arizona boutique labels seem to have a real fetish for and has some very creative obi-strip style packaging/art.(RK)
(Perfectly Round Records //

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And On A Side Note...

The second release on Perfectly Round Records (the side label I help do with a couple pals) is out now! After a stellar LP on FDH last year we are proud to announce the release of EARTHMEN & STRANGERS 'Painter' 7". For those unfamiliar, E&S feature Ryan Rousseau of Reatards, Wongs, Tokyo Electron and Destruction Unit fame and have been compared to The Clean, Wipers and Verlaines. This single follows suit with the LP delivering two solid gems of desert rock that has a "slick and pop-infused feel to it and draws from hooky post-79 punk and powerpop". Available now from Goner Records, Green Noise, Certified PR, Gilgongo Records, FDH, or buy direct from us. $7.00 ppd in the US. Paypal yer money to Foreigners get in touch for pricing to your neck of the woods.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Strings For Old Puppets

We are finally ready to get back to work here at the KOTM compound after our last little vacation and are excited to announce not one but two new upcoming releases!!!


ROYAL MONSTERS is comprised of former members of some of Phoenix's finest from the past few years - Where Eagles Dare, Landmine Marathon, Get Destroyed and George Moshington. Playing a dark and ferocious mix of hardcore, metal and thrash, ROYAL MONSTERS will unleash their second single for King Of The Monsters in March/April. In the meantime be sure to check out their first single released on New Age Records last year.

ELDERS one-sided LP

Barbarous and savage hardcore the way we like it here at KOTM, Arizona's ELDERS take cues from some of the best (early Black Flag and vintage DC hardcore (S.O.A., Void, etc). Recently unleashing a demo onto the world, plans were quickly forged to release a single on a friends label (with new songs and some re-workings of demo tracks) followed shortly after by a one-sided LP of new material for KOTM to be released before the summer if not sooner.

More details on both releases as soon as we get them. Get excited! We are!!!