Friday, March 29, 2013

AGARTTHA "A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands" LP

We are very excited to announce that the AGARTTHA LP is nearing completion! The covers, insert, and posters are printed and the tests are en route to the Italy for inspection. If all goes as scheduled the record should be available in mid-April. Preorders are now being taken HERE with the first 100 orders receiving limited purple colored vinyl! This is one of favorite releases to date on the label and hope you agree.

To tide you over read the stunning review and stream a track at one of our favorite sites The Inarguable.

"The magnitude of this music will not fully hit you at first, but rather when you least expect it, manifesting as a slow frown on a sunny day or a late night bout of racing thoughts. There is terror in beauty. There is black pitch within the flame...." -The Inarguable