Monday, December 5, 2011

SERVILE SECT "Realms Of The Queen" limited LP

Arriving before the holiday's hopefully will be the vinyl version of SERVILE SECT's "Realms Of The Queen" album (released on CD by Ecstatic Peace). It will be limited to 250 copies on glow in the dark clear splattered vinyl and housed in a jacket designed by the always impressive Viraloptic! Ordering info will be up shortly in the store. Words can not describe how excited we are to unleash this amazing piece of vinyl unto the world.

In other SERVILE SECT news, as a companion to their "Trvth" album Handmade Birds will be releasing the bands newest offering "Svrrender" on cassette only. Touted as their "most exciting material yet" this will be limited to 250 copies with art by Demian Johnston. And if that wasn't enough, they will also be releasing a split cassette of Saturn Sadness (Luke from Servile Sect) and Golden Raven (Nhate from Servile Sect). The split will be limited to only 100 copies. Again these can be ordered from Handmade Birds NOT King Of The Monsters. Personally I can't wait to hear both releases!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HORDES "Abarognosis"

After a few setbacks and delays it looks like the HORDES "Abarognosis" 7" will be out on December 12th. Preorders will ship out as soon as all the components arrive and there are still a few copies available on red marble in the KOTM store so move fast if you want one.

Southern California's HORDES are being raved about everywhere. Making it on Toxicbreed's Funhouse list of “Must Hear” Bands Of 2011 as well as incredible reviews on CVLT Nation and American Aftermath. Clearly proving that you need to own a copy of "Abarognosis".

If you live in the surrounding Los Angeles area be sure to catch them at the record release show on Saturday January 21st alongside Nails, Creatures, Skin Like Iron and The Funeral Pyre. They will of course have copies of the record plus new t-shirts and a other goodies.

We will be adding shirts in the webstore soon as well.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stuff And Things - A Brief Update Of Upcoming Releases

NY CLENCHED FIST recording is complete and sounds awesome. Don Fury worked his magic (as always) and this is being sent off to the pressing plant very soon. More details as they become available.

HORDES recording is nearly complete and we are shooting to have the 7" out by late October / early November. Cvlt Nation did a great write up on them recently and you can check it out HERE.

ENEWETAK discography has been put together and mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering and everything sounds incredible. Waiting to finalize the artwork and then it gets sent off to the presses. Our original plans of an October / November release might have been underestimated as it is looking like it might be delayed a bit. Sorry about that but trust me, you wont be disappointed with the final product.

Finally, we would like to announce two new projects we are working on...

SERVILE SECT "Realms Of The Queen" LP
Originally released on Ecstatic Peace earlier this year, we are pleased to release this astonishing album on vinyl. This is at the pressing plant now and we hope to have it out by late October.

GOG "In Our Architecture This Resounds" double 12"
Double album (45rpm) with HUGE poster insert. Recording in November with Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital. More details to come.

Thank you and good night.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm very excited to announce that HORDES from Southern California have agreed to put out a seven inch on KOTM! They are currently working on new material for it but in the meantime you can check out their demo HERE. More info on the release as it comes available.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Slain God - ALTARS "Live On Pure Hate" LP OUT NOW

Received the final components to the ALTARS "Live On Pure Hate" LP this week and everything looks and sounds incredible. If you preordered a copy expect yours to be shipped out by the end of the week. Everyone who preordered will get the limited clear vinyl version which we still have a handful left in the webstore (act fast). Distros will be receiving their copies in the next couple weeks. Here is some live footage taken at the record release show for you to digest until you get your copy of the record. Get fucked up.

Friday, April 8, 2011

ALTARS "Live On Pure Hate" LP preorder (4/19/11)


First 100 orders will receive limited clear vinyl. One record per person.

Five tracks recorded between August & December 2010 at Levelhead Studios by Jayson Hartings. Artwork by Alex York. 1st press of 300 copies with the first 100 mailorder copies on CLEAR vinyl. Split release with How Much Art Can You Take.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At The Beach - CLENCHED FIST upcoming releases

I am proud and happy to announce not one but TWO upcoming releases on KOTM from NY/NJ HC supergroup NY CLENCHED FIST!!!

New material and rewokings of songs from the classic demo tape. To be recorded in August 2011 by the legendary Don Fury. Artwork by the iconic NYHC artist Sean Taggart. 1st pressing of 700 with 200 on an undetermined color for mailorder. Split release with How Much Art Can You Take?. More info as it's available... Fall 2011

From Blogged & Quartered:
Clenched Fist were a great, but short-lived hardcore band with members in NYC and North Jersey. Kind of a NY hardcore supergroup with members that were in (and would go on to be in) Mental Abuse, Breakdown, Born Against, Life's Blood, Citizens Arrest, Jersey Fresh and Outgroup.

The band formed in '86, and before Perry joined, the infamous Sid Sludge of Mental Abuse was on vocals. Apparently there are rehearsal recordings that exist with Sid on the mic. Maybe one day they'll surface. After Dave Jones left the band, Daryl Kahan and Todd Waladkewics both filled in on drums for a while.

I discovered Clenched Fist back in '87 on Pat Duncan's radio show on WFMU. The songs "Eagle Eyes" and "At the Beach" were on Pat's playlist most Thursdays (which i taped every week religiously). It was only a couple years ago that i was able to get a copy of the entire demo, and the live set. This stuff sounds just as good as it did over 20 years ago.

The demo was recorded in New Jersey in '87. The song "Inner Strength" would later be the template for the song "Eulogy" by Born Against, which was released on a 2-song 7" (the other song being a cover of X's "Riding With Mary") on Vermiform Records in 1990. It came with issue #37 of Sam McPheeter's zine "Dear Jesus". The last track on the Clenched Fist demo, "Get Away" was originally an Outgroup (pre-Mental Abuse) song. Mental Abuse would also play this song live on occasion, and it's probably been covered by bands countless times. It's a NJHC classic.

CF also played shows with Youth of Today, Sheer Terror, Dag Nasty, Token Entry, and many other great NYHC bands.

Perry Pelonero was in Krieg Kopf (for about 2 weeks). Dave Jones was in Mental Abuse, Outgroup, and most notably played drums on Agnostic Front's classic "Victim in Pain" album. Chris Fist was in Breakdown, Mental Abuse and Life's Blood. Neil Burke was in Life's Blood and Born Against. Daryl Kahan was in Citizens Arrest, Born Against, True Colors and many death metal, black metal and powerviolence bands. Todd played in Jersey Fresh. Sid Sludge played in Mental Abuse and Outgroup (and i'm still not sure if he actually passed away).

Members of Clenched Fist have recently reformed, and Chris Fist is in the process of writing material for a new ep. It's going to kick ass so keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ALTARS Test Press Approved!

ALTARS "Live On Pure Hate" test presses are approved and being pressed as you read this. Four tracks of depraved blown out filth. One sided vinyl limited to 333 copies. If you live in Ohio you can pick up a copy of the uber limited release at their show on Thursday.

We are also almost sold of the ALTARS / HALLA split 7". Only 3 left in the webstore so if you were holding off on buying one, don't wait too much longer.

Monday, January 17, 2011

PRE-ORDERS - Elders / Royal Monsters / OSS

After several art delays we are finally ready to start taking preorders for the latest batch of releases. Pre-orders will be begin January 26th at 10am for the ELDERS "Blind Rage" LP, ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7" and the OSS demo 7".

ELDERS "Blind Rage" LP
Blazing AZ HC that takes cues from early DC and west coast punk/hc. First 100 copies on white vinyl with alternate sleeve.

ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7"
Follow up to last years single on New Age Records. Limited to 300 copies.

OSS demo 7"
Featuring Frank from MK-Ultra on vocals this short lived AZ band only played a handful of shows and released one demo before throwing in the towel. The demo vanished in the blink of an eye and we pleased to release it on vinyl now. First 100 copies on white vinyl.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ENEWETAK Discography Announced

After years of delays by other labels and the impending release of their final seven inch, Easyrider Sessions Vol. 3, I am happy to announce that KOTM will be releasing the "complete" ENEWETAK discography later this year!!! When I say "complete" I mean complete...the discography will contain all their studio recordings along with a ton of previously unreleased and unheard to most recordings. We will begin sifting thru the extensive pile of DATs, cassette's and reels soon to figure out what makes the cut but expect this release to be a comprehensive look at one of hardcore's greatest.

This release is for me why KOTM records started, to put out friends bands that I thought the world should hear and while they may no longer be a band, hopefully this release will expose this amazing and often overlooked band to a new crowd of people and will give lifelong fans a chance to have everything in one package accompanied by a shit ton of previously unreleased songs.

Human Wrecka 2011.