Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ave Satanas! - ALTARS / HALLA split

A long time friend dropped me a line out of blue a few weeks back, asking me about the label. I explained to him my recent decision to restart the label after a few years hiatus and he in turn asked if I had heard of his latest project, ALTARS. My eyes immediately widened as the only thing I had been able to obtain by them prior was a one-sided 7" released on Down in The Ground Records entitled "Ewig Verloren". I had no idea that someone I knew was responsible for the cacophonous and violent musical outbursts committed to that release. He went on to explain that they just recorded for a split single with a band from Iran (!!!) called HALLA (Allah spelled backwards) and we immediately forged a plan to release this project onto the world. If you are unfamiliar with either band and enjoy raw noisy black metal than I strongly suggest you check out the links above. As for this project, it will be limited to 350 copies and is underway now to hopefully be available sometime in July / early August for consumption.