Monday, January 17, 2011

PRE-ORDERS - Elders / Royal Monsters / OSS

After several art delays we are finally ready to start taking preorders for the latest batch of releases. Pre-orders will be begin January 26th at 10am for the ELDERS "Blind Rage" LP, ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7" and the OSS demo 7".

ELDERS "Blind Rage" LP
Blazing AZ HC that takes cues from early DC and west coast punk/hc. First 100 copies on white vinyl with alternate sleeve.

ROYAL MONSTERS "Blackwater" 7"
Follow up to last years single on New Age Records. Limited to 300 copies.

OSS demo 7"
Featuring Frank from MK-Ultra on vocals this short lived AZ band only played a handful of shows and released one demo before throwing in the towel. The demo vanished in the blink of an eye and we pleased to release it on vinyl now. First 100 copies on white vinyl.