Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stuff And Things - A Brief Update Of Upcoming Releases

NY CLENCHED FIST recording is complete and sounds awesome. Don Fury worked his magic (as always) and this is being sent off to the pressing plant very soon. More details as they become available.

HORDES recording is nearly complete and we are shooting to have the 7" out by late October / early November. Cvlt Nation did a great write up on them recently and you can check it out HERE.

ENEWETAK discography has been put together and mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering and everything sounds incredible. Waiting to finalize the artwork and then it gets sent off to the presses. Our original plans of an October / November release might have been underestimated as it is looking like it might be delayed a bit. Sorry about that but trust me, you wont be disappointed with the final product.

Finally, we would like to announce two new projects we are working on...

SERVILE SECT "Realms Of The Queen" LP
Originally released on Ecstatic Peace earlier this year, we are pleased to release this astonishing album on vinyl. This is at the pressing plant now and we hope to have it out by late October.

GOG "In Our Architecture This Resounds" double 12"
Double album (45rpm) with HUGE poster insert. Recording in November with Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital. More details to come.

Thank you and good night.