Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

You would think by now I would have moved on, my passion for music would have died and I would have "grown up" alas that is not the case. I am returning from my second (or third?) hiatus to "restart" the label again. Why bother you ask? That is simple, I still love music and this is my chance to share and expose others to the things I love. I have never "gotten rich" off of this and that was never the point or motive. Since I started doing the label back in 1994, this scene has changed and in opinion not for the good. These last few years have especially been rough and painful to witness. It seems every band has a manager, every band has a booking agent, every band wants to be the next "so and so". On the surface the DIY Punk community looks dead but if you dig a little deeper, look beyond MySpace, Pitchfork, and whatever other "hip" vehicle to expose our culture to music, you will find a thriving underground community who believes the message is just as important as the music. A community that believes in making lasting friendships and bonds with a handshake and conversation than a lawyer and a contract. That is why I do it.

This blog will serve as the main outlet for King Of The Monsters. Old and new releases will be listed on this site for sale, general news about upcoming releases, and whatever else I can come up with. The most important part of this blog/website is to (I hope) rekindle old friendships that I let lapse as well as make lasting new friends.

Thanks for reading this and supporting this label. It truly means a lot to me.