Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TRI CITY THUNDERCATS "Linear Regressions" 7" out now

On my most recent hiatus from KOTM, I released a record with three other friends under the moniker "Perfectly Round Records". The first release collects the last recordings of TCT and was put out in an addition of only 131 copies and in conjunction with my 35th birthday. Perfectly Round will continue to release singles in small lathe cut batches that if you don't jump on right away you will probably never see again. Doing this release also helped spark my interest to start up KOTM again.

Some info on this release...

Not many to go around so act fast!!!
$10ppd in the US (foreign orders get in touch)*
Paypal to
When ordering list your color preference (pink or blue) and I will try and accommodate.

TCT "play something between Gang Of Four, early Wire, Yummy Fur, and the Urinals".
Check them out here

Some fun facts about TCT...

-This single is limited to a mere 131 copies (49 on blue, 50 on pink, 2 on clear, and 30 test presses).
-Ryan's boyish good looks landed him a gig as The Wipers bass player for awhile. The fact that he can play bass helped too I guess.
-Zeke plays drums in Love As Laughter and can often times be seen hobnobbing with dudes from Modest Mouse.
-Minardi's love for drawing has gotten some of his work on a pair of Converse sneakers as well as almost punched in the face by sketching caricature's of art fair patrons outside Phoenix's best record store.

*Why so much you ask? The smaller the run of records the more expensive each unit turns out to be. With covers, pressing, labels, plates, shipping from the plant, etc. each of these records works out to be a little over $8 cost. Add postage to you the customer and you get a $10ppd record. Like I have said before I am not in this to make money, but breaking even is always nice.